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Solar Finance

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How Solar Energy Works


Solar panels installed in UK generating over 12 GW of electricity.

10 GW

Wind energy capacity in the UK, including both onshore and offshore wind farms

2 GW

Biomass energy capacity in the UK, including both large-scale and small-scale biomass installations.

1 GW

Hydro energy capacity in the UK, including both large-scale and small-scale hydroelectric installations.

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In 2021, the renewable energy market in the UK was valued at approximately £44.5 billion. However, it's worth noting that this is a constantly evolving market, and the current value may be different.


Our Services

We make going solar easy, so you’ll get a better energy service at a better price.


At Green Energy Systems we are qualified to design and install renewable energy systems, which would mostly likely comprise of a battery store , solar panels, and electronic control systems (inverter) to ensure the best possible energy extraction. Each design is unique to the property concerned and the needs of the end customer i.e. incorporating EV vehicle(s), electrically heated swimming pool,  hot tub, panel orientation etc.. 

There is zero VAT on new solar PV installs including with Battery. That is a 20% saving until 2027. It makes sense to see how you can save unto 70% on your energy bills.. 

  • Solar Design and installation

  • Free renewable energy for decades to come

  • Battery upgrade assessment

  • Solar electric hot water heating

  • Remote monitoring by technical experts


Commercial customers tend to have quite different needs from their renewable energy System. Be it bulk battery charging, EV vehicle charging, manufacturing, warehouse plant systems.

We can design a solution to meet your needs based on site specifics and expected ROI. Especially in2023 under the 50% first-year allowance (FYA) This lets taxpayers deduct 50% of the cost of other plant and machinery, known as special rate assets, from their profits during the year of purchase. This includes long life assets such as solar panels and thermal insulation on buildings.

The 50% FYA was introduced alongside the super-deduction and was due to end on 31 March 2023. Now extending  by three years to 31 March 2026. For each year following the first year, 6% of the remaining cost will be written off via Writing Down Allowances (WDAs).

Maintenance & Support

We believe that our customers rate us not during the exciting phase of realising your money is being saved and your investment is being paid off, but through the many years of ownership. 

We can advise you when to clean your panels, or arrange for them to be cleaned for you. We can also provide protection to stop birds nesting under the panels as an optional upgrade starting from £750. 

We provide free monitoring of your Renewable Green Energy System to proactively identify opportunities to tune your system as your needs change or new technology improves efficiency.

We provide a 2 year guarantee on all our workmanship which starts automatically after after system handover. 

Provide answers to technical questions about your system for as long as you need help. 

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