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It Is Time to Go Solar

Overall, solar panels can be a wise investment in terms of cost savings, environmental impact, and long-term value.

Why Go Solar?

Cost savings

 Solar panels can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills, especially if you live in an area with high electricity rates. Over time, the cost savings can add up, making solar panels a smart investment.​

Environmental benefits

Solar energy is a clean, renewable source of energy that doesn't produce harmful emissions or pollutants. By using solar panels, you can reduce your carbon footprint and do your part in fighting climate change.

Increased Home Value

Homes with solar panels often sell for a premium and can be more attractive to potential buyers.

Energy independence

Solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity, making you less reliant on the traditional electrical grid.

Government incentives

Many governments offer financial incentives, such as tax credits, to encourage the use of renewable energy.

Low maintenance

Solar panels are relatively low maintenance and have a long lifespan, typically lasting 25-30 years or more.

How Solar Works?

Solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity. They do this using photovoltaic (PV) cells, which are made of semiconducting materials such as silicon. When sunlight strikes the surface of the PV cells, it knocks electrons loose from the atoms, creating a flow of electricity.

Each individual PV cell generates a small amount of electricity, so several cells are connected together in a series to form a solar panel. A group of panels is known as a solar array. The size of the array is determined by the amount of electricity that is needed to power a building or device.

The electricity generated by the solar panels is direct current (DC) electricity, which is not compatible with the alternating current (AC) electricity used in most homes and businesses. To use the electricity generated by the solar panels, it must be converted to AC electricity using an inverter.

Once the DC electricity is converted to AC electricity, it can be used to power lights, appliances, and other devices in a building. Any excess electricity can be stored in a battery system for later use, or it can be sold back to the electrical grid through a process known as net metering.

Solar panels are a clean, renewable, and sustainable energy source, and they can help to reduce dependence on traditional energy sources, such as fossil fuels. They are also low-maintenance and can last for several decades, making them a smart investment for individuals and businesses looking to reduce energy costs and protect the environment.


1. Your solar modules absorb the sun’s rays and convert the energy into DC electricity.

2. Because we use AC electricity in our homes and businesses, an inverter turns the DC electricity into AC electricity.

3. The AC electricity is fed into your service offsetting utility purchases. If you are not using the energy, it can be stored into a battery for later consumption or exported to the utility for credit.

Paperwork & Agreement

All our work meets the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)  Standard. MCS certifies low-carbon products and installations used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources. It is a mark of quality. Membership of MCS demonstrates adherence to these recognised industry standards; highlighting quality, competency and compliance 

Site Eligibility

If you have a roof which is outside you can benefit from Solar PV energy. Whilst there are some restrictions for dwellings in conservation areas or are listed, we can design a systems for you. 


A typical installation for domestic Solar PV systems is 3 days. Some can be 2 days dependant on the design of the system. 

Utility Connection

Were are required to let your power company know that you plan to have a solar system and we will take care of applying for a G98 or G99  certificate of acceptance. These can typically take quite a few weeks. We will push your application through for you. 

Solar On!

Once everything is installed we will provide you with a full handover document pack which includes what to do in the event of a fire and how to turn the system off or on. then you can sit back and enjoy free energy for decades to come. 

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